Bloomington Day Care Corp.
A non-profit org.
serving Monroe county
and the surrounding area since 1975!
Penny Lane Child Care Centers

1920 Yost Ave.                                   106 N. Pete Ellis Dr
Bloomington,IN  47403                      Bloomington,IN 47401
(812)-339-8558                                 (812)-339-3800

Penny Lane exists to provide the community with a service of preschool and
licensed child care facility combined into one. All children are accepted from age 6
weeks to age 10 and are given the best possible care that we can provide for them.
Our program addresses the special needs and interests of all children, including
those with disabilities. We strive to provide them with the right to be included with
their peers in all age-appropriate activities. Penny Lane promotes an inclusive
program and maintains daily routines for every individual child, regardless of their
disability or special need. Every child is an individual with lots of capabilities not
yet explored. Penny Lane uses all the developmental areas; physical, cognitive,
social-emotional and language to help children and families experience their needs
in a natural environment that is safe, healthy and developmentally appropriate. As a
private corporation that is not-for-profit, we have a financial goal. The center must
operate in a responsible manner to provide to the community a caring program with
instructional guidance as economically possible.
Working with young children is rewarding and challenging because there are many
family lifestyles to take into consideration. Knowing that Penny Lane Daycare can
make a difference in one child’s life is a great feeling of accomplishment. Our goal
is to watch children grow and learn in all the developmental areas needed. We want
to give children the opportunity to help them succeed in life; and a positive attitude
in order to be prepared for the challenges that will occur in the future.

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